The Remaining Bank Holidays in Ireland 2011

There are a total of nine bank holidays in Ireland in 2011. So far we have already had five this year, including New Year's Day (1st January), St. Patricks Day (17th March), Easter Monday (25th April) and the May (2nd) & June (6th) Bank Holiday's.

The next one is just around the corner on the 1st August (August Bank Holiday) As with the May, June and October Bank Holiday's, as well as Easter Monday, they all automatically fall on a Monday. After next weekend, the nearest bank holiday in Ireland 2011 is the October Bank holiday, this year falling on the 31st. The remaining two bank holidays will also always fall on the same date each year regardless of the day, they are perhaps the two most famous of the bank holidays, namely Christmas Day (25th December) and the following Day, Boxing Day (also known as St. Stephen's Day) on the 26th each year.

Generally on Bank holidays in Ireland, including 2011 despite the recession, the majority of business' will remain closed and on a number of the days (including Easter Monday and Christmas Day) alcohol sales will not be permitted. People generally use the time to spend with family or friends, or when the holiday falls on a Monday, many take a long weekend to travel. Others may sight see or in good weather visit the beach and other days out with children. DIY is also very popular during the bank holidays in Ireland and many hardware stores generally see a rise in business and therefore are one of the few to remain open.

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