Bank holidays 2011 in Ireland

You won't want to miss bank holidays 2011 in Ireland, Halloweenand Easterbeing the most popular. At Halloween the Irish celebrate Halloween as Samhain - 'Feast of the Dead', when the dead revisited the mortal world. The celebration marks the end of summer and the start of winter months. The traditional dinner for Halloween in Ireland is Colcannon: Boiled potato, cabbage and raw onions. Coins are wrapped in the baking paper and placed in the potato for children to find. Cake for Halloween is the barn brack which is a fruit bread.Placed in each cake there is a rag, ring and coin. If you get the rag your finances are doubtful. If the coin is gotten you are promised a prosperous year and receiving the coin is a sign of impending romance or happiness. All over Ireland children dress up in scary costumes and go from house to house receiving money and sweets. Many houses decorate their homes with ghosts, ghouls, witches and harvest displays. There are Halloween celebrations in towns all over Ireland and supervised bonfires which are meant to scare away the evil souls. To get into the Halloween spirit in Ireland, Dublin city has the best Halloween parades in Ireland. Each year on October 31st the people of Dublin and its visitors come together for the annual Samhain parade which is a spectacular and colourful parade to mark the end of summer and the people are encouraged to dress up and join the festivities. Spectators are treated to an amazing display of dancers, performers, monsters, ghosts, giants, goblins and much more. The parade will begin at O'Connell Street, then onto Westmoreland Street, onto Temple Bar where the parade will finish up with an extravagant colourful fireworks display. The parade begins at 7pm. There is also The Ghost Bus Tour of Dublin which will have you at the edge of your seat. This is a popular attraction that is fitted out in gothic style that includes a storyteller that takes you on the trip through the streets of Dublin.              www.dublinsightseeing.ie/halloween.html Many of Dublin's pubs and clubs get into the Halloween spirit and host Halloween Fancy Dress parties with great promotion and prizes, you are assured a great night when you visit Dublin during Halloween.

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