What to Pack For a Bangkok Holiday in Summer

Bangkok Holiday in summer

Packing for a Bangkok holiday in the summer is difficult, particularly if you’re not used to being in an extremely hot city. Bangkok is, officially, the world’s hottest city and, during the hottest season, from March to October,you won’t be able to believe how hot it gets. That’s why packing the right clothing is so important.

Light Coloured Clothes – Don’t pack lots of dark coloured clothing. You’ll feel even hotter and more sweaty than normal, as the sun does not reflect off it like it does with lighter colours. Pack light coloured clothing instead.

White is great (although not an entire outfit as white is also the colour worn for funerals in Thailand). Light blues, pinks, greens, any kind of pastel colour are much cooler than walking around in black all day long. Save the black for evening wear.

Don’t Pack Revealing Clothing – Bangkok is an international city, just the same as New York or London. Many Thais also are conservative when it comes to dress, so don’t pack shirts with plunging necklines or teeny tiny shorts. While you might get a lot of stares, Thais will think you look like a ‘sohpenee’ (prostitute).

Shorts – Wearing shorts around Bangkok is fine, Thais often do. Just remember, if you’re visiting places like the Grand Palace and many Thai temples, you will not be allowed to enter wearing shorts (male or female) and will be forced to rent long pants or a wrap-around skirt to wear instead. On days visiting temples, avoid shorts and sleeveless shirts (men and women).

Bikinis – While you can wear bikini tops around your hotel pool during a Bangkok holiday in summer, please do not wear them walking around Bangkok’s streets. Western women do this often and Thais think it the height of disrespect. While it might be hot, you’re in a major city, not at the beach. Save your bikinis for Phuket.

Bras – For women, pack bras and please wear them. Thais often comment that they see Western women walking around Bangkok not wearing bras. Even the flattest-chested Thai girl will always wear a bra. Not to do so, in Bangkok, will make Thais think you are low-class.

Shoes – Pack comfortable shoes. Bangkok’s pavements are uneven, with lots of potholes to fall down, and obstacles to walk around. Wearflat, comfortable shoes and your feet will hurt less.

Flip-flops are perfect, as are athletic shoes. While Thai women may stagger around in high heels in Bangkok, when on your holiday, why chance breaking an ankle? Thais know what to avoid. You do not.

For more information about customs in Bangkok and what to wear, check out tastythailand.com or the Tourism Authority' of Thailand's website at tourismthailand.org.

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