Cheap Balkan Holidays

While not as often visited by UK holidaymakers compared to the Western European countries, there are various places in the Balkans which are really starting to take off. Much of the Balkan coast also remains unspoilt, having not been blighted by excessive development, rapidly rising prices and hordes of tourists all summer and much of the rest of the year. Balkan holidays have their own set of unique attractions.

There is a huge choice of places to go for those who want to explore Eastern Europe on a summer holiday. Perhaps the most visited are Bulgaria's Black Sea coast and the coast of Croatia. Other places such as Montenegro are rapidly building up their tourist industry as well.

Cheap flights run to many of the more popular destinations and bargains are often to be found at sites such as travelhypermarket.co.uk and thomascook.co.uk. Spending some time on the Internet tracking down the best package deals will often save you a lot of money.

If you prefer to organize your own holiday to the Balkans from scratch, then you can do so by booking cheap flights and finding cheap apartments, villas or hotels. EasyJet fly to Croatia and Slovenia as well as various other places. For cheap accommodation, there are also plenty of sites to look out for such as homelidays.co.uk and lastminute.com.

Balkan holidays provide something for everyone. The Mediterranean coast of the Balkans provides good weather and hot, sunny summers along with beautiful historic towns for lovers of culture and history.

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