Looking for Bali deals in September?

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The Indonesian island of Bali is a holiday destination that truly belongs in the heavyweight division of the travel industry. The scenery here is outstanding, with volcanic mountains, breath-taking lakes and stunning white beaches creating a palpable mirage of paradise. And the best news is there are tons of Bali deals in September you can book now at superb prices.

Leading travel agent, Sunway, has a wide range of Bali deals in September that you might be interested in hearing about. You can spend 7 nights in the Bali Hyatt, between September 17 and December 16, for just €886. This world class resort offers a spa, poolside bar and 5 restaurants serving top Indonesian and international cuisine.

If you really want to pull out all the stops for your break in Bali, how does 7 nights in the Grand Hyatt Bali sound? Complete with 5 restaurants, 3 bars and lounges, 5 swimming pools, children's activity centre and top of the range health and fitness centre, you can unwind in this decadent resort between September 17 and December 16 with prices starting at €1068.

Or you might consider the excellent deal available on the Anantara Hotel in Bali. If you stay for 5 nights, you get an free extra night in this luxurious resorts. The activities you can entertain yourself with in the Anantara include Thai cooking classes, yoga, golf, horseriding and much more. This deal is available between July 16 and September 19, with prices starting at €2132.

All of these Bali deals for September must be booked before July 31, so don't waste any more time and check out Sunway today.

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