What to do on a Bali cheap holiday

Natural beauty is the reason most people visit on a Bali cheap holiday. A traditional place with exotic surroundings; sun drenched beaches, tropical vegetation, luxurious resorts and spas and temples scattered throughout this culturally rich island, Bali is perceived as a sanctuary by many who stay here.

Beaches here are dazzling white and the most energetic activity most people choose to invest in is finding the best beach to suit their needs while here on Bali holidays. Kuta is the most famous, but can be a little loud, although many tourists love it here as the waves are exceptional for surfing. Nusa Dua beach offers peace and tranquillity and there are wonderful resorts that can organise activities on and above the water.

If you are travelling with young children then, head to Sanur, a quiet spot with mild currents. Schools of dolphins play offshore at Lovina Beach and it has black volcanic sands, representing a wonderful place to spend a day or two.

Organising a diving trip off the head of Talumben beach, which is close to the wreck of the US cargo ship Liberty, is not to be missed if you're interested in watersports.

Temples are dotted throughout the island (20,000 in all!) and they are as varied as they are spectacular. Two in particular are worth planning into your activity schedule and taking a trip to visit. Tanah Lot at sunset is mesmerising, with waves crashing at its foundation - and in complete contrast to the tranquil setting of Luhur at Batukau at the foothills of Ganung Batuku.


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