‘Balconing’: a crazy craze.

More than 30 young people have been injured in ‘falls’ from balconies in the Balearic Islands this summer. Whilst the Spanish police are quick to stress that some of the accidents have been just that, including one due to sleepwalking, it does seem that they are having to contend with a new ‘sport’ called ‘balconing'.

Young, mostly foreign and often drunk, twenty-year-old tourists jump from hotel balcony to balcony or just straight into the swimming pool: an undoubtedly inexplicable holiday pastime for most of us who prefer to laze on the beach.

Four holidaymakers have died so far and a young Portsmouth man is in a coma, reportsThe Guardian. He was one of three young people taken to hospital in the space of 12 hours recently on the islands of Mallorca and Ibiza, as the dare-devil game seemed to take hold. The number of incidents has tripled this year, with the dangerous jumps often being recorded on video to be watched on the internet.

Interviewed hoteliers assured reporters that they have upgraded all their safety measures:hotel balconies conform to legal requirements and are as safe as they can possible be. Signs ask guests to behave correctly and responsibly and if they fail to do so they are thrown out onto the streets.

Tourist officials and hotel owners are stressing that the islands are not only a beautiful but a safe place to be, as long as tourists do not behave irresponsibly.

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