Baggage allowance comparison for air travel

Before you leave for any holiday or trip, it’s wise to check baggage allowance limits of the airline you’re flying with to avoid unpleasant surprises. Each airline imposes different rules and prices for any excess luggage you may have vary. Below is a baggage allowance comparison for a few of the airlines serving travel routes in the UK.

Check baggage allowance limits

Airlines may charge per piece or per weight depending on the company's policy. The type of aircraft that will be used, routes/destinations and travel fares also play a role. The air company may allow a passenger to check in up to two suitcases with combined weights not to exceed 22-23 kgs. When the weight concept is enforced, a passenger may check-in as many pieces of baggage without going beyond the weight allowance which oftentimes is capped at 20 kgs. Take a look at the baggage weight allowance comparison below.

  • Checked in luggage

* British Airways - 1 piece of up to 23 kgs. per person

First class passengers – 3 pieces of up to 32 kgs.

* Aer Lingus - 1 piece of up to 23 kgs.

First/business class - 3 bags of 32 kgs.

* Lufthansa – 1 piece of up to 23 kgs.

First class – 3 pieces/32 kgs.

Business class – 2 pieces/32 kgs.

* Thomas Cook Airlines – 1 piece of 20 kgs.

* United Airlines – 1 piece of up to 23 kgs.

First class/business class – up to 46 kgs.

* US Airways – up to 23 kgs.

First class/business class – up to 2 pieces

  • Handcarried luggage

Some airlines allow one carry on luggage and a handbag, briefcase, umbrella or stroller. Weight restrictions apply from 10 kilos for Monarch Airlines to 23 kgs. for British Airways. Luggage sizes must also comply with international standards and not to exceed 115 cm for Lufthansa and 126 cm for Finn Air. Thomas Cook, on the other hand only allows 5 kgs. of carry on luggage.

Allowed and prohibited items

The baggage weight allowance comparison table is not the only thing you have to watch out for. Take a look at Gov.uk for a list of prohibited and allowed goods such as medicines, baby food, electronic devices, chemicals and toxic objects, sharp objects (knives), guns and firearms (including ammunition), explosives and flammable materials, sporting goods, tools, martial arts and self defense items. If you are travelling to the US, the TSA website (tsa.gov) of Homeland Security is a useful site.

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