Bag yourself a black cab

Next time you're hairing around Thailand on board a tuk-tuk, thrilled but also hanging on for dear life as you come across another hair-pin bend in the road, just remember that London has the best taxis of any capital in the world, a survey by Hotels.com has recently confirmed.

Apparently New York cabs were voted as being fairly knowledgeable but lost much needed points on their bed-side manner, coming first in the poll for being the rudest drivers along with Parisian cabbies, the Daily Mail reports.

Rome's chariot drivers were shown to be the worst when it came to safe driving as compared to high-performers Tokyo, Berlin and Bangkok. Drivers in Sydney were thought to be all-time losers as they lacked local knowledge, and were rarely available.

Alison Couper, Hotels.com's communications director lauded the results by saying that 'a friendly, knowledgeable taxi driver helps form a positive first impression and they are most definitely an important part of any country's tourism industry.'

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