Bag a spot at one of our top London tables

No time for flicking through Time Out London? Not sure which restaurant guide to pick? Have no fear. Just get yourself a table at one of our top five London eateries and you won't be disappointed.

1) Sketch Gallery
Great if you want to feel spoiled in a stylish, design ambient. The French Maitre 'd is an absolute gem and the toilets are like paying a visit inside an enlarged ostrich egg. The food doesn't disappoint either and the wine list is good. Ring up early to avoid disappointment. Who will you see? The Beautiful People.
T: 0870 777 4488

2) Zuma
If you want to feel part of the uber cool jet setting crowd, head to Zuma. Fabulous sushi and sake provide the fuel for a great night out. Head to the bar before and after your dinner to chill out and people watch. A great Asian Cooler cocktail list too.
T: 020 7584 1010

3) Pètrus
Food and wine for gods in a sleek, understated elegance environment. It costs a small mortgage but it's worth it for the divine experience you'll certainly not forget.
T: 020 7235 1200

4) The Wolseley
This is a London institution. Tea and cake in the afternoons, brunch with the folks or a romantic dinner for two, this restaurant has it all.
T: 020 7499 6996

5) Le Caprice
Make sure you get a good table here, otherwise you'll miss all the fun. The canteen style food is great (fish and chips, eggs Benedict etc) but it's not really about the food, is it? No. It's about eavesdropping on Madge. Learning about the next record deals before the Sun publishes the story. Seeing Girls Aloud fall out drunk. We love it here!
T: 020 7629 2239

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