Backpacker’s Insurance Essential

There are a host of travel insurers that specialise in Backpacker Insurance, and three of the best are:

World Nomads Backpacker Insurance, an extremely popular backpacker travel insurance company that offers great features that can be bought from anywhere in the world. Check out worldnomads.com for more information. Their very extensive cover will leave you having no worries. If you are taking expensive items such as MP3 players then consider world nomads plus cover which is good for valuable items.

For those heading to Oz, you might want to check out Downunder Worldwide Insurance who will cover you for travel to Australia and New Zealand as well as your stopovers in South East Asia, with coverage for as little as £189. This offers excellent value for money. Log on to www.duinsure.com.

And finally there’s Green Bee Travel Insurance. Backpackers are covered with comprehensive cover - up to £10million emergency medical expenses, £6,000 per person cancellation cover, and £2,500 for lost luggage.

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