Back to Nature on a Shetland Isles Holiday

Otters frolicking among the seaweed, wood warblers hunting insects, and whales slicing through the water’s surface are just some of the fascinating sights to see on a holiday on the Shetland Isles. Step into a magical landscape that seems to be modelled on Middle Earth.

The Shetland Isles in North Britain feature a fascinating complex of cliffs and caves, rolling meadows, miniature ponies, and an assortment of remarkable birds. Endemic species include the white-and-yellow flower, Edmonston's Chickweed, and the sapphire-and-emerald bird, the Shetland Starling.

Bird-watching is a favourite activity the whole year round, and there are numerous reserves for this. One is the very accessible Sumburgh Head, where waddling puffins can be spotted by droves. The rare Red Necked Phalarope can be seen in Fetlar, while the famous Fair Isle Bird Observatory is great for sightings of the tiny Pechora Pipit during a Shetland Isles holiday.

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Trailing from the lush summits above the sea is the Shetland Isles’ own version of the Hanging Gardens. Some of the plants which thrive in this cold climate are the blue Spring Squill flowers, Roseroot, which has medicinal properties, and yellow Bird's-Foot Trefoil, which are also called “Granny’s Toenails.” Wuthering Heights may as well have been set in the moors of the Shetland Isles, with vegetation such as the feathery Cotton Grass and the pink Cross-leaved Heath.

Golden sand beaches are common enough, but there are other coasts to discover during a Shetland Isles holiday. Shell-strewn paths, rock pools, and white stone storm beaches are just a few. One can even go fishing, snorkelling, or spotting sea animals, such as white-sided dolphins, and more commonly, seals.

Walking, cycling, and photography are other enjoyable activities for those on their Shetland Isles holidays. Sailing, surfing, and sea angling for sea trout are also popular.

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