Back in fashion with a passion: the all inclusive break.

In this cash strapped age, it seems that the days of striking out on your own with just a boarding card and cabin baggage in hand are over and the all-inclusive holiday is back in fashion, reports the Daily Mail.

UK holiday giant, First Choice, has announced that all of its holidays will be all-inclusive from 2012, so let’s hope we should be getting even better deals. As of next summer, everything from flights to food will be included in your break, and yes, even your favourite alcoholic tipple will be ‘free’. This is proving enormously popular with travellers, and you can see why. Who hasn’t balked at the cost of a much-needed coke while lounging by the pool?

Families can expect to save around £500 by choosing an all-inclusive stay rather than bed and breakfast said First Choice, making us an offer we can hardly refuse. If you visit the First Choice website now you’ll see that all-inclusive deals on offer for travel in April include seven nights in the Algarve from £264 and four nights in Cyprus from £323, which is very affordable for an Easter break.

According to the company, growth in its all-inclusive market has increased by 32 per cent over the last five years, making the move a sensible decision. So keep your eye on their website for a bargain break and save your hard-earned cash for a little local retail therapy!

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