Bachelor Party in Brussels

Stags or Bachelor parties have been around for years and have continually evolved. Rather than just have a great night out, it has become a weekend festivity that often involves a lot of drinking, gambling and strippers. Some though also include activities during the day. While Brussels is not the most popular places for Bachelor parties, it does have a lot to offer if you look in the right places.

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It always helps if you know a local who can tell you where the best places to go are, but if you aren’t lucky enough to have any Belgian friends nearby, there are plenty of bars that others recommend for stags. One of the most popular places to head to is Delirium Cafe. This resides in an 18th c. basement right in the middle of the city. With over 2,000 types of beer to try, there is something for everyone.


Other popular bars are O’Reilley’s, La Bourse, Six Nations and Grand Place. There is a wide choice of any type of beer you could imagine for a decent price. These pubs though are more ideal for smaller size stag do’s. There are also plenty of strip clubs to choose from, but make sure to watch your bill as this is not the most honest place.

For a weekend that is really all about beer, make sure to incorporate a few brewery tours. There are plenty in the city such as the Haacht Brewery Tours, Lindemans Tours and Cantillon Brewery. There are guides available that provide a deeper insight into how these superb drinks are made.


If you are looking for things to do during the day that do not involve alcohol, head off on a 90-minute Segway tour around the city, go zip lining off the Atomium or try your hand at indoor paintballing. One unique activity would be to try the Escape game, Quarantine. Here they will lock you and your friends in a room for an hour while you work together as a team to find your way out.


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