Find me a cheap B and B in Cardiff central

Are you looking for an cheap place to stay in Cardiff central? A B and B in Cardiff central could be exactly what you are looking as they are available at very affordable prices.

If you visit Cardiff you will be spoilt for choice with so many great things to get up to. It is a city full of attractions, art and culture, entertainment and sports. Cardiff has an international sporting village, great theatres, excellent nighlife and sumptous restaurants there really is something for everyone in Cardiff. Check out www.visitcardiff.com and you can find out more about Cardiff.

A lovely B and B in Cardiff central you should consider if you go to Cardiff is the Laurels. A lovely traditional style cottage which offers you great comfort and flexibility and is situated only ten minutes drive from the City Centre. You are offered English breakfast, free parking and digital tv during your stay at the Laurels. If you are thinking of going in June rooms are available now for a great price of £85. To view this  and other ones just log on to www.bookdirectrooms and you will be well on your way.

Another lovely B and B that might be of more interest to you is the lovely Riverside B and B. It is situated perfectly to all the cities attractions and is beside the river boasting great views. Prices are available from £60 and £50 depending on your room size. To check this B and B out log on to www.stayinwales.co.uk and check out the availabilty.

Cardiff is a beautiful place of the world to visit so book your B and B in Cardiff central today and experience the beauty of Cardiff.


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