Award winning Airline Food.

Even if we may only be reading about, rather than tasting, appetizing in-flight food, it’s good to know it really does still exist. For those of us who tend to take a European break on good old low cost flights, a ‘meal’ consists of rather disappointing snacks which, to add insult to injury, can hardly be said to cost peanuts. But if you’re contemplating a long-haul flight, it’s worth knowing which airlines were rated amongst the top 10 for good in-flight meals in 2010.

Malaysia Airlines employs a specially-trained chef to create menu options and their Satay won the Skytrax Signature Dish award. They also won Smart Travel Asia’s Favourite Airline Food award. You can choose from dishes such as Black pepper lamb shank or North Atlantic baked cod followed by an Australian cheese plate.

If you like to have a good selection of dishes, Thai Airways offers first-class passengers a choice of 22 different meals. Don’t worry if you’re indecisive. You can study this extensive menu then order online prior to your departure. Economy passengers are well looked after too, with choices such as Shrimp in Thai dressing with asparagus tips or Beef Rendang with white rice and peas.

Singapore Airlines has been praised for its customer service and excellent food, with a menu created by a panel of international chefs, including Gordon Ramsay, and wine consultants to make sure the wine enhances your meal. Even in economy class, you can enjoy dishes such as sautéed prawns with steamed asparagus and Singapore noodles.

And another Asian airline is up there with the best: Hong Kong airline Cathay Pacific has toaster ovens and rice cookers on board so dishes are prepared fresh and can be washed down by vintage wine or champagne. Fresh fruit and snacks are available throughout every flight. Mouthwatering!

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