Save on your travel costs with Avis car rental!

If you're looking to save big on your car rental this summer, Avis have some excellent deals running throughout the months of May and June across fourteen different countries spanning two continents, meaning that you'll be able to save no matter what your destination, home or abroad.

We'll start with those of you looking to rent locally. Cars for use within the United Kingdom can be rented for as little as £18 per day via the www.avis.co.uk website thanks to this special offer, and they only need to be booked twenty four hours in advance so you'll be able to book at short notice if necessary. The bookings can be made at any time between now and June 10th, but can be used right the way through to the 5th of July, meaning those who are certain of the dates they'll need their car for will be able plan in advance and shave a few pounds off their travel expenses.

Cars can be picked up from any of the ten major airports served by Avis car rental, including Belfast International, Birmingham International, Bristol, Gatwick, Edinbrugh, Glasgow International, Manchester and Stansted, and can either be returned to the point of origin or one of the other airports throughout the country. As with all car rentals, the make and model of the car in question as well as the duration of the rental will determine the ultimate cost of your booking, but Avis prices are up there with the best in the business so you shouldn't find cost to be a prohibitive factor.

For those of you travelling to Spain, America, Portugal, Ireland, italy, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Canada, Switzerland, Czech Republic or Austria, there are a some really great deals to be had in this promotion. Spanish rentals start as low as £15 per day, and American ones from just £16. Switzerland, Czech Republic and Austria are the most expensive starting at £28, £29 and £32 respectively, but the other countries all range between £18 and £25 per day.

Again, these rates are based on you booking before June 10th, but you'll be able to use your car right through to July 5th, so don't waste any more time, get in touch with Avis now via their website at www.avis.co.uk or over the phone at 0844 581 0147.

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