Aviation Themed Hotels

For most people air travel is the least enjoyable part of any holiday, but now you can give an airborne flavour to your whole trip by bedding down in some interesting earthbound conversions of some familiar flying machines.

727 Fuselage at Hotel Costa Verde, Costa Rica

If you’re not scared off by the local tagline: ‘Still more monkeys than people’, you can spend the night in a converted 727, decked out in Costa Rican teak with two generously sized air-conditioned bedrooms. Throw in some amazing seaviews, and this is just the ticket for imaginative holidaymakers and Lost-obsessives.

Helicopter Suite at Winvian, Connecticut

Ever wanted to sleep inside a grounded helicopter? Or has the thought, as with most people, never even crossed your mind? Fair enough. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get ridiculously excited at the prospect of kipping in 17,000 pounds of restored US coast guard machinery, complete with all the bells and whistles, so you can go nuts pressing buttons like an overexcited 5-year old. It doesn’t come cheap though at around $1000 per night.

Jumbo Stay, Stockholm

At the other end of the spectrum, you can grab one of 25 dorm-style rooms in a converted Singapore Airlines 747 at Stockholm’s Arlanda airport for a very reasonable $40. If you’re feeling a little more flush then you can snap up the cockpit for $500. The plan is to open another 10 Jumbo Stays worldwide once this one gets off the ground, so to speak.

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