Autumn savers: a break that won't break the bank

As summer comes to an end, temperatures start to fall and there is even a nip in the air, it may just be time to start thinking about planning that morale-boosting autumn break abroad.

We’ve searched the web and chosen two destinations from a list in The Guardian ; not too far away but far south enough to leave the cold behind.

1.Sardinia, Italy.

For those who enjoy fun colourful local ‘fiestas’, 27 villages in Barbagia, a mountainous area of in-land Sardinia, are hosting a series of itinerant street markets, craft-workshops and walks during weekends from September to December.

And with average temperatures around 25ºC, you can still head for the coast and relax on one of the tourist-free beaches and swim in the crystal clear turquoise water. Farmhouse accommodation is available around €40 per night, including breakfast and British Airways flies from London Gatwick to Cagliari from £138 return.

2. Saint-Tropez, France

If Saint-Tropez has always seemed beyond your reach, take a closer look. A night in style at the The Pastis Hotel, (pastis-st-tropez.com) costs €175 per night for a double room, as opposed to €450 in peak season. The rooms, with private balcony, sport objêts d'art and leather armchairs and are geared to make you feel like one of the ‘Côte d'Azur’ set.

Autumn is the perfect time of year to visit, with unpacked beaches, boutiques and restaurants, and if you really want to catch a glimpse of a celebrity or two, the annual Regatta Les Voiles de St Tropez, from 25th September to 3rd October will give you the chance.

Ryanair flies from London Stansted to Toulon from £30 return.

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