Take a break to remember - Our guide to Austrian holidays in 2011!

While it seems like everyone is planning on hitting Spain, the Algarve or Greece this summer to soak up some sun and lay around on pristine beaches, it's worth remembering that not everyone is interested in those sun chasing holidays. There is also a huge market for people seeking something a little bit different from their summer break, and the hugely underrated Austria might just be able to provide it for them.

If you're growing a little tired of the same old holidays year in, year out and you fancy a change for you and your family this year, you might be interested to learn what's on offer from Austrian holidays in 2011.

The country's official holiday website for British holiday makers, located at www.austria.info/uk, has a wealth of information and deals for those of you who fancy exploring one of the most underrated countries in the European Union.

For just £455 per person, you can spend 7 nights at the gorgeous Naturhotel Chesa Valisa hotel between June 10th and November 2011 as part of the Kleinwalsertal Adventure package, complete with a guided tour of the jaw-dropping Walser mountains, use of up to eight cable car trips, a beginner's course to mountain biking which ends with a guided bike tour of the region, use of the excellent spa facilities and a wide range of indoor activities.

Or if you fancy something a little more family oriented, you can get seven nights bed and breakfast plus the Saalback Hinterglemm Joker Card, an admission card providing free admission for all ski lifts in Saalback Hinterglemm, the indoor tennis courts, the Alpine flower path, ten leisurely guided walks per week, Noddy's train, Mount Kodok, Adidas Freeridepark and much, much more for an astonishing £145 per person.

These are just two of the amazing deals on offer on the website, so check out what else is on offer today and try something a little different this summer in Austrian holdiays 2011.

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