Fantastic Austria skiing resorts

There is a wide variety of Austria skiing resorts to choose from. Austria is a very popular destination for skiers. Its popularity can be attributed to its picturesque resorts and outstanding levels of service and quality. A ski holiday in Austria offers world class skiing and a vibrant social scene.

Austria is home to a variety of resorts that cater for all levels of skiers and boarders. The best ski areas in Austria are St. Christoph, Lech, Zurs and St.Anton. These areas are known as the Arlberg Ski Circus among skiiers. The Europa Ski Region and the Zillertal Superski Area are also other popular destinations among skiers.

Austria also offers a vibrant social life to unwind afer a tiring day on the slopes. There is a very warm and friendly atmosphere in the après-ski bars. The Mooserwirt and the Crazy Kanguruh bars in St. Anton, are famous for their atmosphere and dancing

A very useful tool in deciding which resorts to visit is ski-austria.com. It provides a list of all the different ski-resorts in Austria, as well as which resorts are best suited to your level of skiing. If you have a particular query in relation to a skiing resort, or any particular aspect of skiing in Austria that cannot be found on the site, you can e-mail them and they will provide you with an answer.

Skiing in Austria can be a wonderful experience. The wide variety of resorts cater for all level of skiers and the après-ski experience is one that has to be experienced in order to be believed.

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