All you need to know about the Australian visa

Australian visa

More and more people are heading Down Under in search of adventure and/or work in this economical climate. Before stepping foot into the country however the Australian government insists you have some sort of an Australian visa or permit to enter the country. There are many different types of visas depending on your reasons to visit the land down under. These include a work permit for those who are skilled migrants, a family visa to reunite you with your Ozzy relatives, a study visa (self explanatory) or the most popular the working holiday visa.

The working holiday visa again seems quite self explanatory but there are strict rules attached to this visa. It is specifically available to those aged between 18-30 years of age who wish to supplement their travel with short time employment along the way. There are only 19 countries that have a working holiday program arrangement with Australia. These countries include Republic of Ireland, United Kingdom, France, Japan and Cyprus.

The visa is valid for travel for up to 12 months in Australia and allows the holder to work a maximum of six months with any one employer. It also allows the visa holder to study up to 4 months while staying in the country. The working holiday Australian visa can be extended for another 12 months with the completion of three months seasonal work in regional Australia.

There are many places to apply for an Australian visa such as migrationexpert.com or visaforaustralia.co.uk for as little as £6.95. Companies such as STA Travel can also apply for your visa on your behalf when booking flights etc. Check out statravel.co.uk for more information.

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