Where to find the best deals on Australia and New Zealand holidays

Australia and New Zealand holidays

If you are looking to make your next holiday abroad one that is unforgettable then why not consider travelling to Australia or New Zealand? These far-flung destinations have to be seen to be believed, with stunning natural beauty and charming locals around every corner. In this blog, we are going to direct youtowards the companies who offer the best value on Australia and New Zealand holidays.

There is a belief out there that flights to New Zealand and Australia make the area too prohibitively expensive to fly to, but we don't buy that for one second. One UK company specialises in these holidays, and that company is www.austravel.com/. Aus Travel offer unrivalled deals on flights in the area, offering up flights to either Melbourne or Sydney for just £699 return. They also offer package deals of nine days exploring the Great Barrier Reef with flights and accommodation for just £1,200, a perfect deal.

If you are looking for another option for booking yourself a fantastic holiday in the South Pacific, then why not check out Virgin Holidays and their dedicated Australia and New Zealand section at http://www.virginholidays.co.uk/info/about/destinations/australasia/. Virgin fly direct to Australia from Heathrow, and they offer brilliant deals thanks to the link up with their airline. Again, fares to Melbourne or Sydney weigh in at around £700 return, with New Zealand coming in at around £800 return. They are a fantastic option for a holiday in the area.

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