Australia hotels: which state?

To commence our brief guide to Australia hotels, let’s visit the ‘bush capital’...

Australian Capital Territory

Surrounded by extensive pockets of bushland reserve, the hotels in Canberra are a perfect starting point to gauge a true flavour of the Australian hinterland.


Renowned for its towering rainforests, ski resorts, and endless golden beaches, Victorian hotels are ideal if you enjoy sightseeing, excellent cuisine and wine-tasting. The multicultural nature of cities like Melbourne means that the local hotels are used to catering for a variety of guests from many locations.

Northern Territory

The hotels in Darwin offer a range of invigorating experiences, including bushwalking, fishing, camping and 4-wheel drive tours of the famed ‘outback’. After a day soaking in the views of lush wetlands, rugged escarpments, gorges and cascading waterfalls, the hotels offer a perfect tranquil retreat for you to recharge your batteries.

Western Australia

Perhaps the authentic Australian experience is catered for in the Western hotels. They have a relaxed, natural feel, perfectly in tune with the natural beauty of the surrounding landscapes. If your idea of a perfect holiday includes wine, food and surf beaches, look no further.


Brisbane, Australia’s contemporary capital, offers a huge choice of well-appointed hotels. These make an ideal base for exploring pristine beaches and lush rainforests, as well as outback regions. Not to mention Queensland’s large urbanised areas, packed with interesting sights.

There's also plenty of great Australian hotels in New South Wales, South Australia and Tasmania too! A little research can really pay off.

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