Where to Find Cheap Athens Hotels: Check Out These Three

Athens hotels

Athens is one of the most romantic cities in the world and a wonderful place for a holiday. It's also a popular place for budget travellers as, with Greece's failing economy, you'll find a plethora of cheap Athens hotels offering superb accommodation. If you'll be taking a trip to Athens, check out these cheap Athens hotels before you book. You'll be amazed how lovely they are.

Lido Hotel - Located in the centre of Athens just minutes from many of the city's top tourist attractions, the Lido Hotel offers clean, comfortable accommodation at a very cheap price.

At the Lido, you'll get a double or twin room with air conditioning, private bath, hairdryer, TV, private balcony and refrigerator for a starting rate of only € 27 per night. The hotel staff is friendly, and there's even a cafe-bar where you can grab a meal or a snack if you prefer to eat closer to home. You'll find the Lido Hotel at booking.com.

Balasaca Hotel - The Balasaca Hotel is a 3-star hotel with 83 spacious guestrooms, all with private bathroom with shower, satellite TV, air conditioning and a private balcony.

The hotel has TV room, a bar, and a restaurant that serves a mix of international and Greek cuisine. Or, if you prefer, you can always order room service. For only £31.71 per night, it's hard to find a better deal in Athens. Book the Balasca Hotel on hotelshotelshotels.co.uk.

The Tonis Hotel - Right in the centre of Athens, the Tonis Hotel offers comfortable accommodation and superb service, and is a popular budget hotel for those who want cheap accommodation but like a little luxury.

At the Tonis, you'll enjoy a spacious guest room complete with private bath, satellite TV, refrigerator, air conditioning and a hairdryer.

The hotel itself has a lovely bar, a small restaurant serving Greek and international specialties or, as it's only 10 minutes walk from a train station, you can eat just about anywhere in Athens.

The Tonis Hotel room rates begin at just £32.82 for a standard double room. Bookings are available at hotelshotelshotels.co.uk.


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