Heading to Athens for your upcoming holiday? Check out these Athens flights!

If you are on a tight budget and looking to save a few quid on your airfares, a great place to kick start your Athens flight search is the Easyjet website. They offer loads of flights direct to Athens from several cities around the UK. During the month of March, you can find flights from London Gatwick from around £142 return and Manchester from about £162 return. From the month of May flights between Edinburgh and Athens will commence. Remember, EasyJet  has strict luggage limits, there is no reserved seating and you must purchase your food and beverages on board or bring along your own packed lunch!

If you do not want to give up your on board luxuries and prefer to travel to Athens with a traditional airline, then take a look at the British Airways website. This is the national carrier of the UK and these guys offer you reserved seating, food and beverages on board, in flight entertainment and up to 23 kilos of checked in luggage. In March, you can fly to Athens direct from each of the main London airports starting from £214 return. There are also flights operating from Glasgow from £367 return and Newcastle upon Tyne from £373 return.

Please note, these prices are for illustration purposes and are subject to change depending on the dates you select and the availability of Athens flights and seats at the time of your booking. To maximise your chances of booking cheaper Athens flights, try to purchase your tickets as far in advance as possible. Flexibility with your travel dates also helps a lot too if you are looking to save some money. With both of the above mentioned companies you can purchase your Athens airfares online using your credit card via a safe and secure website.

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