Art lovers take note: a new museum, The Baroness Thyssen, opens in Malaga this month.

With low cost flights to Malaga from many UK destinations, there are lots of reasons why travellers visit the city, and now there’s one more. The Baroness Thyssen Museum will open to the public this month, on the 24th of March, displaying works from the private collection of the Baroness by, amongst others, Pablo Picasso, Joan Mirò and Antoni Tàpies, reports the Daily Mail.

The first Spanish Thyssen Bornemisza Museum opened in Madrid in 1994 and proved to be immensely popular. Baroness Carmen Thyssen has been working on her latest project in Malaga since 2009, personally overseeing the building. The museum and gallery are based at the central Villalon Palace, and will house around 230 works, including a Zurbarán. The main collection is designed to show pieces by artists from the Andalucian region, like Picasso, but will also feature works by famous Catalan artists Joan Miró and Antoni Tàpies and other Spanish artists including Sorolla. Temporary exhibitions by French artists, such as Degas or Gauguin, will also come from the main Thyssen museum in Madrid.

Restoration work on the Villalon Palace has cost more than €11 million, with additional money spent on adjacent buildings to extend the museum. The surrounding streets have also been improved to give the area an inviting, up-market air, so next time you're in Malaga, be sure to visit this cultural hub.

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