Passionate about art? Holidays in Scotland are inspirational

What type of art holidays are available in Scotland?

Art holidays Scotland come in many shapes and sizes. As a subject for wonderful paintings, you won’t come across many more exciting locations than Scotland. Its Highlands are world-renowned for their majestic heather-carpeted mountains and mist-shrouded lochs and forests. Its cities are full of marvellous historic buildings and friendly people.

Naturally, the type of art holiday will depend on what exactly you’d like to work on. If you relish landscapes, then there are many venues offering residential courses. You can try to capture the wild scenery under the watchful eye of trained tutors.

An alternative would be to book a city break, then study the wealth of art on display in the galleries of Edinburgh or Glasgow (including the Kelvingrove Gallery).

Where can I get into art during my Scottish holidays?

Because the dramatic scenery lends itself so well to art, you’ll find retreats from Dumfries and Galloway in the far south, through Perthshire, to Lochgarron in the remote north-west. With these art holidays, the emphasis is on reflection and relaxation. Often there’ll be other amenities thrown in such as golf or bicycling.

What’s the best way to book art holidays in Scotland?

A brief search under art holidays Scotland will produce many opportunities to book your holiday, from a variety of outlets. Ayrshire-based Artaquarius is a typical example, specialising in short (3 day) breaks, aimed at all skill levels, costing £235. You can bring a non-artistic partner, too, for £195!

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