Art Comes Alive in South Africa

Treat yourself to a month-long feast of music, poetry, and dance on your South Africa holiday at the Arts Alive Festival. Join the city of Johannesburg as it celebrates the start of the spring season in September with performances, exhibitions, and workshops by local artists representing the country’s rich cultural diversity.

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From its humble beginnings as a cultural shindig in 1991, the Arts Alive Festival has since grown into one of Johannesburg's most important events. For the past 17 years, both locals and tourists alike have gathered to celebrate art in its various forms: dance, theatre, poetry, film, visual arts, and music.

Expect a bigger party this year as Arts Alive Festival 2008 coincides with Johannesburg’s 80th anniversary. Behold performances by the biggest, brightest names in the South African music scene. Delight in the sounds of jazz by music master Don Laka and listen to singer Simphiwe Dana’s glorious vocal renditions. Watch South African musicians perform with artists from around the world in the “Jazz on the Lake” concert at Zoo Lake on September 7.

Discover the rich dance culture of South Africa through presentations from September 9 to 13. Or get caught up in the spontaneity of performance poetry by South African poets Bianca Williams and Ewok in “Speak the Mind” on September 13. Other events you must not miss include a classic Bollywood song and dance production entitled “Bollywood Love Story: A Musical,” and the art exhibition themed “Why Public Spaces vs. Art Galleries”.

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