Arrive at the airport on time: stay at a nearby hotel.

Air travel can be a nerve wracking experience, and worrying about how to get to the airport only adds to the strain, especially as winter approaches. If you’ve often thought how easy it would be to stay in a hotel the night before your flight but ruled it out because of the added expense, think again. We’ve found two hotels, one near Gatwick and one near Heathrow that will allow you to rest and wake refreshed before take off, for under £50 per double room.

If your flight leaves from London Gatwick, spend the night at the three-star Days Inn Hotel just 7 minutes from the terminals. A courtesy coach runs from 6.00 to 23.45 to get you to Gatwick in time for your flight.

The hotel has been refurbished and rooms are comfortable with contemporary décor. A double room costs just £45.83 per night, down from £72, if booked between now and the 31st of December through octopustravel.co.uk.

If you’re leaving from London Heathrow, stay at the St.Giles Hotel Heathrow for just £46.97 per double room per night when booked through Octopus Travel. This room normally costs £73 per night. Rooms are air conditioned and offer high speed wireless internet. Breakfast is included in this amazing price and there’s no cancellation fee.

So whether you have an early morning flight or are flying in late, with prices like these, you can afford to treat yourself to a relaxing stay in a hotel near the airport.

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