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Arran hotels

The Isle of Arran is one of the most southerly Scottish island. It rests  in the Firth of Clyde between Ayrshire and Kintyre. The island is 19 miles long and 10 miles wide and is home to incredibly wide and  remarkably diverse landscapes and seascapes.

The picturesque villages on Arran's breath-taking coastline are complemented by wind swept, rugged mountains in the north. In contrast the green rolling hills and woodland in the south are much more sheltered.

Regardless of what you want from a holiday you will find it on Arran. If you're looking to get away from it all or have an action-packed break you can find it all on the island. If you are looking to uncover the hidden delights or sample the incredible island lifestyle it is all here. Literally there is something for everyone here.

Accommodation on Arran can be found in the form of B&Bs, rentals or the Arran Hotels.

Scotlandinter.net has a number of residences for hire on Arran, offering accommodation of all types and sorts to suit every price range. With featured Arran Hotels such as the Auchrannie Resort complete with three award-winning restaurants, beauty resort and spa complex.

VisitArran.net has a wealth of information for travelers looking to book accommodation on the island. With a number of links for bed and breakfasts it should be on the list for any holiday maker doing some research before visiting Arran.

This website allows you to book with the fabulous Castlekirk Arthouse, a former church that is home to an amazing bed and breakfast that we can highly recommend.

Bon Voyage!

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