Arlberg: the cradle of skiing

If you want enjoy a skiing trip that’s suited to serious skiiers, one of the best places to head is Arlberg. This unique but traditional resort offers some of Austria’s best ski runs to visitors between November and April each year. There are five charming villages to explore when you want time away from the slopes, and loads of other experiences so let’s breakdown the best of them.

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This is the place where Hannes Schneider invented the modern ski techniques experienced skiiers take for granted, and techniques that helped Ski Club Arlberg members collect 54 Olympics and world championship medals over the years. This is also the place where Robert Alber came up with the Air Flight Boot that offered the comfort and stability to master some of them.

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As you’d expect from a resort that’s been established so long, there are plenty of amenities. There are 84 cable cars and chairlifts that provide access to 280kms of marked slopes and 180kms of deep-snow runs across five very different alpine villages.

St. Anton

Once you’ve rented your skies and ski boards, you’ll want to head to St. Anton. This is the place where apres-ski originated which is why it’s the most well-known of the five villages. It’s the ideal place to stay as it offers accommodation to cater for every pocket. Gastronomic delights are found in lots of great eateries and the nightlife is great.


This romantic village provides access to a wide-ranging ski area. Falstaff Gourmet Guide named this village “World gourmet village” so if you’re not staying there, you should drop by for a meal or two.


If you’d like some serious skiing, head above the tree line to the snowfields of Zürs. You’ll find a range of superior hotels there too.

St. Christoph

St. Christoph was established when a shepherd built a shelter for travellers more than 600 years ago. Today, it’s home to a world class training centre, and snow-covered slopes that ring the village.


This cosy village is popular for families so bring your loved ones there once and you might find yourself heading back there year after year. If you’re looking for deep off-piste snow, you won’t be disappointed.

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