Arik Air - Wings of Nigeria

Arik Air isn’t an airline that comes to most people’s mind when they are planning a holiday. In the UK, they only operate from London Heathrow, but they could be an option if you’re planning a trip to Nigeria, where they are based, or other parts of Africa, like Angola and South Africa.

The fleet

Arik Air is Nigeria’s largest commercial airline. They operate a fleet of 23 aircraft including the Airbus A340-500 and the Boeing 737 for long haul flights. Domestic flights in Nigeria and flights to neighbouring countries are handled by a range of 74 seat Bombardiers. Hawkers with only 8 seats are offered for VIP travellers either as individual or business charters.


They serve 22 destinations in Nigeria with a fleet of Bombardier aircraft. Angola, South Africa, Sierra Leone, Cameroon, Ghana, Mali and Senegal can also be reached on an Arik Air flight. New York and London are the only destinations outside of the airline's home continent.

Arik Air London

If you would like to find out what fares Arik Air offer one of the best places to do so is arikairlondon.co.uk. This dedicated website offers some of the best flight, fares and information for Business and Economy class travel with the airline. Arik Air London is a retail agent for the airline, so you won’t be dealing directly with the airline if you choose to use their service. Live chat is available and a phone number is listed if you would like to contact the site, before taking up an offer.

Final word

So now that you've heard of Arik Air, should you fly with them? With an excellent safety record that has seen no accidents or incidents befall the airliner since it began flying in 2006, competitive fares, and an ambition to expand into new markets, Arik Air are offering a genuine alternative to the established African carriers like EgyptAir and South African Airways.

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