Argos Jobs and Careers

Argos jobs aren't just limited to working in the small warehouse in their retail stores. They have other positions based elsewhere, such as head office positions or excellent graduate schemes. You can apply for a straight forward retail position if you want to, but keep in mind there are other opportunities at the company to pursue.

Head Office Argos Jobs

Argos' head office is situated in Milton Keynes and is described as the "nerve centre" of all their activities, from recruitment to marketing. This is where you'll find a greater chance at progression and where your experience and qualifications could really be put to use. In particular the e-commerce side of Argos is starting to blossom, which could be a potential area for anyone qualified or experienced in internet sales or web design.


Retail Careers

Argos jobs in their retail sector are just like many other retail jobs, except you won't really be stacking shelves. Many sales assistants work either on the tills or behind the scenes picking the stock and giving it to customers. There's room to progress to management level from a sales assistant. All positions are recruited in store, not online, so you should ask at your local Argos retailer to find out more.


Argos has a combined distribution centre covering 100 football pitches - that's a lot of room for workers across the country. Most jobs will entail the delivery and collection of goods to stores or working in the Argos Home Delivery Service, but there are also positions for general warehouse operatives, administrators and managers. You'll need to contact the HR department on Argoscareers.com to apply for a job in distribution.

Graduate Careers

Argos jobs aren't limited to head office and retail position. They offer excellent graduate career schemes to students who have recently finished their degree, starting off in the Argos Leadership Programme or the Home Retail Group Finance Programme before moving up to a higher position within the company. You can apply for graduate vacancies on the Argoscareers.com website.


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