Are you looking for a cheap flight to Albania?

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Looking for a cheap flight to Albania? If so I have everything you need to know to find the cheapest flight right here. Albania is a really charming country in South Eastern Europe and for a Balkan holiday it does not come much better.

The main airport in Albania is in Tirina which is the centre of all activities in Albania. The flight duration to Albania from the UK is about three and a half hours which is good if your not the best of travellers and also for kids who sometimes can be very restless.

Probably the best way for you to find the flights available is to search the internet. There are two sites in particular that I would recommend you check out.

The first of these sites is www.skyscanner.net which is very good and easy to use. Skyscanner enables you to locate the cheapest flights to Albania without having to enter any dates or destinations making it the best place to shop for your flights to Albania.The flights are chosen from a list of airlines that include Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines and Alitalia.

The second site i would recommend to you is www.albantravel.co.uk. This site works in partnership with British Airways to find you the cheapest possible flights to Albania. This site offers you a price beat guarantee so if you bring them another airlines quote which is genuine they promise that they will beat it.

Some of the prices are starting at around £270 per person for July. Of course not everyone wants to fly in July so check out these websites and check out all the other available dates that might suit you better.

Waste no more time book your seat on the plane today and experience the beautiful Albania.




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