Are Planes Safer than Cars?

Each mode of transportation has their own pros and cons. Planes are fast, buses are cheap, cars are convenient and trains are stress free. But the transportation that is compared the most is often between planes and cars. Which one is actually safer?

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Whenever a commercial airline plane crashes, such as the Malaysian Airline or Germanwings incidences, casualties usually include dozens and often hundreds of people. They are horrific and extremely traumatic for the families involved, but they are also extremely rare.

The International Civil Aviation Organization stated there were 32 million airline departures in 2013 and fewer than 1 in every 300,000 had an accident and 1 in 3 million was fatal. Every time there is an accident the flight will be highly investigated and changes will be made accordingly.

One of the aspects that makes planes safer than cars is that they are very closely monitored, more so than any other mode of transportation. Planes are becoming safer and the number of airline crashes steadily decreases.

Private planes though are a completely different story. Driving would be much safer than be being in a private plane as they are often flown by amateurs, are not as closely inspected and monitored, and often land in small airports that have unpaved runways making it much more dangerous and difficult to land.

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