Are Hotel Rooms actually clean?

Hotels may not be as clean as you think or hope. While it may smell and look hygienic, there are many germs and bacteria that are there discretely unseen.



While your toilet, sink and counters may look clean, other parts of the bathroom might not be. Bathtubs, for example, are rarely cleaned after every visit, and more than likely the person before you took a bath. The glasses in the bathroom are often just rinsed out with tap water, dried off with a towel and placed back on the counter.



Some hotels are known to have bed bugs which will only make you toss and turn thinking about that. Sheets are cleaned after every visitor, but pillowcases and blankets are another story. There are some instances where hotel cleaners have said it is not uncommon for staff to take naps on the beds if they have spare time.

TV Remote

One of the dirtiest things in the room though is something that every visitor is bound to use and would rarely get wiped down by the cleaner, the TV remote. A study done by University of Houston states that remotes are typically as contaminated as the toilet. Lamp switches are not much better.


What You Can Do

If all of this worries you, there are some precautions you can do. Pack your own sanitizer wipes or gels and when you enter into your room, have a quick wipe down and get rid of those germs. If you are worried about the beds, bring your own pillow cases. In the bathroom you can lay a hand towel across the countertop if you are worried it is dirty.

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