A review of the Aqua Blue Sharm

Aqua Blue Sharm

Built within the Aqua Park located in the Ras Om El Seid Plateau, the Aqua Blue Sharm is truly a unique get away resort. Only 10 kilometres from the renowned Naama Bay, and 18 kilometres from Sham Airport, the area is easily accessible and provides you with vivid memories to reminisce. Visit the area and learn why those who visit still crave to return to its wonders.

Their hotel facilities are first class. Explore the Cave du Roi restaurant to sample various international cuisines ranging from Indian, Chinese, Italian, and Mediterranean cuisines among others. In addition, if sporting activities fascinate you, then you will have an abundance to choose from including water sports, tennis and volleyball among others. The facility is also equipped with children swimming pools and baby cots all free of charge.

One of the strong points that the Aqua Blu Sharm prides in is its outstanding customer service. Equipped with multilingual staff, 24-hour healthcare services, room services, you can be sure to enjoy your stay.

Their room services are extraordinary and you will be assured of unbeatable entertainment in their aqua blue bungalows, guest rooms and suites. The rooms are artistically decorated, and add this to modern entertainment facilities; you will surely be blissful at your entire stay.

Visit the (www.hotels4u.com) to select your stay and price. It is in the range of £21.93 inclusive per person, for a night. The www.aquablusharm.co.uk) will also be of interest if looking for exclusive offers. They include £699 for 7 nights depending on the month and you may get discounts of up to 20% if you book early. Whether travelling in large groups, individuals or family, the Aqua Blue Sharm resort will make your stay memorable.

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