Head to Soller for an apartment rental on Majorca

Renting an apartment on Majorca often used to mean staying in a noisy resort with crowded beaches and lots of British pubs. For a change, head north to Soller for a taste of the authentic Majorca, where the mountains give way to the sea in a pretty town surrounded by pristine countryside.

Stylish Soller

It's easy to reach your Soller apartment and see Majorca in style from the antique train that makes its way from Palma all the way up the island. It's a beautiful ride through the hills of the Serra De Tramuntana, cutting through the more obstructive peaks with regular tunnels.

Soller itself is an old fishing port that has retained its Majorcan character. Ironically this is due in no small part to the Germans and British who have bought houses there and have taken pains to keep the historic character of their homes.

There is a typically Spanish scene in the main square, the Plaça Constitucio, on most evenings, with three generations of locals parading and chatting, before heading off to dine in one of the hospitable restaurants clustered around the square.

An apartment in this part of Majorca is an ideal base for keen walkers. This is a lush landscape studded with crags and spectacular cliff walks. One of the most popular is the ten mile trail to Deia, the artists' colony that was once popular with poets and painters. These days it still has a few galleries and workshops, but it is mostly about luxurious holiday homes with magnificent vistas over the Mediterranean.

Save by booking direct

Apartment rental on Majorca is made a lot easier by the number of British owners who have property on the island. The region around Soller is particularly popular, with numerous apartments, villas and town-houses available online. Booking direct with owners rather than through agencies is often a more economical option.

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