Antwerp, Belgium. A conveniently close-to-home fashion destination.

Fashion lovers sit up and take note. The buzz has it that there’s fun innovative fashion to be had in Antwerp with a new crop of shops that is causing quite a stir. Lulu Townsend, the managing director of the London travel company Chic Retreats claims, ‘The fashionistas I know have suddenly fallen in love with Antwerp. It’s a shopper’s paradise’, reports the New York Times.

Over the last year four impact-making concept stores have opened, including Ra, which is both fashion shop and gallery. Not only does it sell local and international labels but also hosts art and fashion events. Right next door is wacky Your, which sells 14 different brands of trendy jeans alongside a €350,000 Alfa Romeo 8C. You can also visit the posh new boutiques on Graanmarkt 13 and Renaissance, which combines features designers like Alexander Wang along with a chic Italian restaurant simply called Ristaurante. While in the building, check out the latest exhibition at Antwerp’s fashion museum, MoMu.

There’s a small airport in Antwerp, with flights from London City airport. Return flights are just over £100. Alternatively, Eurostar will get you to Antwerp (Anvers) for just £5.50 more than it costs you to go to Brussels. So hop over the Chanel for a long weekend, see where people dress to impress, and try a little retail therapy.

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