Antalya, relaxing lushness on a cliffedge

Antalya, formerly known as Adalia or Attalia is an absolute gem of a city just waiting to be discovered on the south coast of Turkey. With a Mediterranean climate all year round plus developments in tourism over the past thirty years this formerly Greek outpost has really come into its own.

Now you may sniff at the fact Antalya is now a living breathing tourist monster, but you must try and forget all that when you're there – and in so doing you’ll be able to forgive it its shortcomings and admire it for what it really is; a really really good looking gargoyle of tourism with kebab breath. It's also packed full of cultural sites - such as ruins from the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman era, and the main square 'Cumhuriyet Square' often hosts open air exhibitions and performances.

The setting for Antalya is on a cliff edge overlooking the Med and is so picturesque it’s like walking round inside a postcard.

Get flights to Antalya from as little as £160 return with Thomas Cook. You won’t be disappointed, the sun is red hot and the history of the place is so much more interesting than your standard classroom geography lecture.

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