Find Andaman islands cheap hotels and budget accommodations

On the Andaman islands cheap hotels and budget accommodations can be found, although they will lack some of the refined touches available at the larger resorts. Don't expect the finest beachfront locations, elegant restaurants or room service, but some of the islands' 2 star hotels are perfectly adequate bases from which to enjoy this tropical paradise.

Keep cool or keep within the budget?

Lying between Indian and Burma, the Andaman islands might not yet have joined the ranks of the world's favourite island destinations, but discerning travellers find them an attractive alternative to the more dauntingly expensive tropical escapes. The Andaman islands cheap hotels and budget accommodations dispense with the luxurious extras in order to offfer the best deals.

One of the key factors determining the choice of hotel will be the temperature. Travellers will have to make the important decision about whether they can live without air-conditioning. Outside of the hottest season, when the a/c is a must-have for a comfortable holiday, budget rooms are relatively easy to find, with a cluster of reasonable 2 and 3 star hotels close to the airport, and some budget resort complexes by the beaches.

In Port Blair, the Peerless Beach Resort offers non air-conditioned simple rooms and cottages with easy access to Carbyns Cove beach. The restaurant usually offers evening buffets, which can be included in the room rate.

On Havelock Island, the Bay View Inn is a popular choice with adventurous travellers looking to enjoy a spot of scuba-diving or snorkeling. Rooms offer a choice of air-conditioning and the restaurant has a wide range of cuisines.

Dining out or all-inclusive?

When looking for the best Andaman islands cheap hotels and budget accommodations deal, check what is included in the price. "American plan" prices will include breakfast, lunch and dinner, while "European plan" means bed only. If you plan to sample the local restaurants and beach bars, the latter makes more sense.

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