Enjoy the Andaman islands best boutique hotels and luxury resorts

Discerning travellers have been discovering the attractions of the tropical archipelago between India and Burma, with its pristine beaches and snorkeling or scuba-diving opportunities. Now, the Andaman islands best boutique hotels and luxury resorts can offer rooms, restaurants, services and facilities to match some of the most exclusive Asian destinations.

Luxury without the crowds

The forested islands of the Andaman archipelago remain relatively unspoiled by mass tourist development, retaining their atmosphere of idyllic escape. They offer an attractive alternative to the busy beaches of Goa. The Andaman islands best boutique hotels and luxury resorts demonstrate sensitivity to the environment and the tranquility of the region.

For sea and mountain views, the Fortune Bay resort in the Andaman capital of Port Blair is unrivalled. With its own seawater pool and a scenic drinks terrace, the accent is on relaxation. The red timber construction reflects the ambiance of the islands. Nothing is garish here, with the emphasis on subtlety and style.

More active travellers might gravitate towards Island Vinnie's Tropical Beach Cabana on Havelock Island. It's a popular diving centre and resort offering all the equipment and facilities needed to explore the reefs and turquoise waters of the region. For non-divers, cruises, kayaking and exotic bird-watching excursions are also available.

The Barefoot resort on Havelock island is a celebrated example of unobtrusive boutique accommodation, disguising its elegant cottages and villas amidst the forest foliage, offering a cool restaurant and easy access to kayaking, snorkeling and Ayurvedic spa treatments. Its eco credentials are impeccable and its setting allows visitors to experience the true remoteness of the Andamans.

Inclusive deals

The Andaman islands best boutique hotels and luxury resorts need not be out of the reach of travellers with a limited budget. It can pay to look out for deals that package accommodation meals and excursions together. This can often be more economical than paying separately for those optional extras.

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