And the winner is…..World Hostel Awards

Hostels just aren’t what they used to be. No more the leaky pipes hidden by Indian throws; no more the ‘curious’ manager with beady eyes who arrives while you shower to fix the bathroom door; and no more the random crazy who seems to have forgotten that back-packing actually involves moving from place to place, and instead has taken up permanent residency in the hostel living off leftovers.

However, with this week’s announcement of the World’s Best Hostels there seems to still be some hope. Hostelworld’s Hoscars, see Hostelworld.com. for the full list, which took place in Dublin, crowned for the second year running The RiverHouse Backpackers in Cardiff, as having the best hostel staff. It also came in as the UK's best hostel and sixth in the world. Now you actually have a reason to go to Cardiff – because unless you like rugby or are amazed by a stadium with a retracting roof, why bother?

To see what all the fuss is about, check out riverhousebackpackers.com. And if you see any ‘hostel rules’ signs grab a marker and scrawl ‘the only rule is…..there are no rules.’

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