An unusual hotel in Costa Rica.

Politically stable and a pioneer of ecotourism, Costa Rica, said to be the ‘greenest’ country in the world, receives more visitors than any other Central American country. Its extensive national parks, incredible biodiversity and the chance for spectacular zip lining in tropical rainforests attract ‘hip’ environmentally aware tourists from both the US and Europe.

And most would be more than happy to stay at the Hotel Costa Verde (www.costaverde.com), located on a coastal rainforest bluff overlooking the Pacific beaches of Manuel Antonio National Park near Quepos. Its white sand beaches, magnificent ocean views, cliff-side pools and rainforest canopy vistas dotted with native birds and monkeys are sure to please.

The hotel does have something slightly quirky however: its very own 727 Fuselage Suite, in a salvaged 1965 Boeing 727-100, reports Budget Travel. Mounted atop a 50-foot pillar and reached by a spiral staircase, the suite’s two bedrooms, dining area, and sitting room are now covered in teak to match its surroundings and a small wooden deck for lounging sits on top of the right wing. From the inside it’s hard to imagine that this was an aircraft able to hold 125 passengers, but from the outside it looks like a plane that has just crashed into the Costa Rican jungle. What a cool place to stay!

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