An Italian Hotel that is making a difference

When on holidays, it is always a great feeling to have everything taken for you. If you need more towels, simply ask and they are delivered. If you want want a morning wake up call. Done. But Albergo Etico is a hotel on a different level.


Located in the historic centre of Asti, Italy, Albergo Etica which translates to “Hotel Ethics”, is a hotel like none other. In 2009 this beautiful brick building was renovated and changed from a restaurant into an Albergo. What makes it stand out though is not its exterior but the staff inside. The receptionists who greet you, the waiters that bring you your food and the tour guides that show you the area have disabilities, most of whom have Down Syndrome.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics came out with a report that showed that in June of 2015 only 34.6% of men with disabilities and 28.8% of women as of December 2014 were employed. The low employment rate is not only a problem in Italy but also worldwide. While there may be discussions around equal employment opportunity, the reality is that there is little done about it.

This hotel though is a small step in the right direction which is encouraging to see. They offer a 3-year career training program where the workers leave their homes with their parents and learn how to live independently. They share staff rooms with their co-workers and learn important independent living skills.

The hotel also welcomes guests with disabilities as they are catered towards those who may be visually impaired or need a hotel that is wheelchair accessible. So if you are in the area or are just intrigued by the place and want to support a great cause, head to the well staffed Albergo Etico where you will enjoy wonderful food in a clean and spacious hotel. You won’t be disappointed.

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