An atypical cruise for those who don’t like to follow the pack.

Cruising? It seems like everyone’s doing it, but there are those who prefer not to follow the pack. So if you fancy taking to the waters this summer but prefer not to go ‘en masse’, how about trying one of Swedish company Star Clippers’ three tall-ship sailboats that primarily sail under wind power?

One huge advantage of opting for a cruise that doesn’t involve one of the massive liners is being able to visit small ports that larger ships can’t fit into, and Star Clippers will glide you into a number of such places in the Caribbean and Europe. But don’t think that this means renouncing the breathtaking cruise holiday. As with mega-cruise vessels, these ships, with 36,000 square feet of sails that unfurl on the first day, are destinations in themselves, reports the BBC. What you get in addition is more of a ‘ship ahoy experience’, and you’ll love it!

And the line is now offering its first Baltic itineraries for 2012. Ports of call include the region's capitals as well as smaller towns like Kristiansand, Norway, Ventspils, Latvia, and Klaipeda, Lithuania. Prices for the 11-night cruises are currently around $2,895 per person based on double occupancy, but rates may change when booking begins.

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