An alternative way of getting to Spain and beyond.

With the Spanish airport authorities threatening strikes between April and July, you may be thinking of safer alternatives. If you’d set your heart on a trip to Iberia, why not try sailing there? One of the advantages of cruising is knowing exactly what you do and don’t get, what it costs and that all you have to do is get yourself on board. Then you can relax, drink in hand, let the crew get you to your destination and be fed and entertained en route.

We’ve searched the web for one of the best deals around at the moment and come up with the following cruise to Iberia and Morocco from the Daily Telegraph.

Fred Olsen has an Easter, Agatha Christie-themed cruise departing on the 23rd of April from Southampton, on board their ship Balmoral. The price (based on two people sharing a cabin) is from £735 per person for 10 nights and includes meals, transfers, taxes and on-board entertainment. This is a £200 saving per peson. The Balmoral will be calling at Casablanca, Portimao, Lisbon, La Coruña and Gibraltar. Visit the Telegraph Travel Shop website (travelshop.telegraph.co.uk) or call 0844 871 2115 for further details.

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