Amsterdamcity breaks promise to leave you wanting more

Amsterdamcity breaks are hugely popular with tourists of all ages from the UK and Ireland. The city is one of the most famous in Europe and it's simply teeming with fascinating tourist attractions for you to explore.

An intricate canal system runs through the heart of Amsterdam and, apart from adding a glorious tranquillity to the city, provides one of the best ways to discover the hidden charms of the city.

Stunning architecture is one of the highlights of any trip to Amsterdam, and cruising along the scenic canals enjoying 17th century merchant houses, churches with belltowers, boat houses and the Old Harbour is a terrific way to spend the day in the Dutch capital.

Amsterdam City Tours has a fantastic selection of canal cruises to choose from at very reasonable prices. One hour cruises can be booked for just €12 and are not to be missed. And if you want to take in some of the sights that are not accessible by canal, you can combine a bus and canal tour, with prices starting at €22.

If you're looking for something a little more exciting in Amsterdam, it isn't hard to find. Amsterdam is one of the clubbing capitals of Europe and there's a unbelievable choice of venues to party the night away in, if that's what you want to do.

Some of Amsterdam's most famous clubs include Sinners in Heaven, where you're likely to rub shoulders with household names from the worlds of sport and show business and Paradiso, which is well known for its fantastic live music every night of the week. You can enjoy this and much more with Amsterdamcity breaks.



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