Amsterdam on New Year's Eve

If you’re thinking of going away for Christmas and New Year, why not choose Amsterdam? Amsterdam on New Year's Eve is a vibrant place. The streets of central Amsterdam are filled with revellers enjoying themselves whilst fireworks light the night’s sky and drinks flow freely. It’s an experience you should enjoy at least once in your life. So if you’re going, what should you look out for?


This is a popular place to see the New Year in. Hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs are normally full in Amsterdam on New Year's Eve and they charge a premium rate, so this is never a cheap break. You will have to plan ahead to get the best accommodation and to make the most of your night out.

Party crowds

If this is going to be your one and only visit to Holland’s capital, make sure you maximise the fun by sharing the evening with the biggest party crowds. If you are on the streets when the clock strikes 12, make sure you’re in one of the city’s squares. Nieuwmaarkt and Dam Square are among the most popular places to celebrate the New Year.


This is not the place to bring family. If you have children there are other more suitable places to visit in Holland at that time of year. Even if you are with friends rather than family, you should make sure that you’re safe in overcrowded areas and when attending firework displays.


Given the crowds, it isn't safe for the trams and buses to run, so almost all public transport in Amsterdam grinds to a halt early on the 31st. You should make sure you know your way back to your accommodation on foot or book a taxi for the night.

Final word

Carry out some research online before you go. This will open you up to the best places to enjoy the New Year and it will save you some time because you may find that restaurants you dine in earlier in your holiday are closed in Amsterdam on New Year’s Eve.

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